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Read – Kids Book Club / Story Telling Club

READ! is a Page Turners Madras initiative. It is a book club for kids / story telling club for the kids in Residential Apartments, Day Care centers, Schools etc.

Any interested resident in an apartment can connect with Page Turners Madras Team via email id reachus@ptmadras.com

In addition, a member from the apartment has to create an account via the website https://ptmadras.com if they want to hold the book for more than a week.

No charges are involved in the Read – Book Club initiative. It is for creating awareness in kids towards reading books and listening to good stories that help enhance their imagination skills & creativity. 

Story Tellers are none other than the residents of the READ! registered apartment.

PTMadras will not be providing any story teller professionals as a part of READ! kids book club / story telling initiative. However, will notify the story tellers about upcoming 3rd party workshops on Story Telling.

A Story Teller can be,

  • Parents
  • Grandparents
  • Retired personnel’s like Teachers, Banking professionals or any similar.
  • Anyone residing in an apartment who is above 18 years old with an interest towards Story Telling is eligible.

A Read! registered apartment would be provided with one story book every week. The books would be chosen by PT Madras team based on the availability. Book Club committee members or the story teller can also raise a request if any particular book is required for the club activity.

Books would be picked/collected via a PTM-Peer at the common area of an apartment.

If a same book is required for the subsequent week, the apartment committee team should send an email to Page Turners Madras at least three days before the completion of the one week period. Books would be rotated across various apartments as per the schedule.

Books provided by Page Turners Madras could be a used/new book. In case of used books it would be free from any issues that makes reading uncomfortable.

Unless any damages that render the book not readable, No damage cost is applicable. The books from us are very well wrapped to avoid any damages by default. Please ensure that the book is returned back in good condition. All the books from Page Turners Madras comes with our logo and we expect the same book to be returned.

However, if there is a case where the book is damaged while receiving, the receiver has to inform about the same to the Page Turners Madras team within 2 days.

Story Teller can also use their own as well as other apartment residents kid’s book for the Story Telling purpose. But, in case of personal book usage, the book committee team or the story teller should write an email to Page Turners Madras.

Page Turners Madras team owns full rights to include/exclude/modify the above-mentioned terms without prior notice from the Terms & Conditions clause displayed at the Page Turners Madras website.

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